Matted Dog Trapped In Barn For 6 Years Accumulated 35 Pounds Of Fur

A matted dog was rescued after being trapped in a barn for a very long time. Lazarus, a Great Pyrenees, had a rough first 6 years in life. Although he is a herding dog, he never got a flock. He did not run outside and get to do what he does best–herding.

Instead, he spent year after year trapped in a barn. He did not get love or attention. He was not housebroken either and was severely uncomfortable around people.

The human who used to care for Lazarus became terminally ill. Therefore, Lazarus was locked up in a barn and given only the most basic needs in order to survive.

Great Pyrenees dogs need to be groomed daily to keep their fur nice and healthy. However, Lazarus spent years rolling in dirt and his own feces that he accumulated 35 pounds of matted fur.

Turn to the next page to see how Lazarus looks like after rescue. He doesn’t carry a heavy 35 pounds of matted fur anymore.

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