World’s Saddest Dog Apologizes To Dad, And It Is Absolutely Gripping!


Dogs, like humans, certainly know when they have tracked mud into the living room for example. And there reactions after such behavior can often be so sad and heartfelt that we can’t help but give in and forgive.

But still…their actions, although in some cases natural, still can frustrate us greatly.While you enjoy this amazingly cute dog video below, you may find yourself fighting off tears, as your heart melts.

Watch video below and let your heart melt. It’s wonderful!

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  1. I think this guy was being mean to his doggie by not forgiving him sooner. The sweet doggie clearly wanted the guy to “forgive” him. I felt sorry for the poor puppy dog!

  2. I think their both missing somebody and the dog is either sad & compassionately sharing the pain of loss or showing you have me or will you be my owner now!
    We all know too how kids react when they wanna go with you, most house dogs react the same way, humm. So Touching. Thanks for sharing Cuzn Lady Cynthia Robinson-Smith.

    • No, the man asks why the dog did whatever it is (I only understand a few word of Italian but I did get that much) and that he doesn’t understand why the dog did something that he knew was wrong. He keeps telling the dog he doesn’t get it (no copito). Thank all those years of the Mass in Latin. Given that the dog exhibits absolutely no submissive behavior, the man is never physically cruel to his dog and, given the physical signs of affection the dog makes, is often physically affectionate to it. I didn’t put any effort into understanding what his wife says in the background, though. It was NOT about missing someone.

    • No it’s NOT stupid. The dog may very well know, what he did to upset his best friend. In any event, he knows his best friend is offended. This dog is such a good, sweet creature, who wants to always stay in the friendship of the one he loves best. You evidently do NOT know much about dogs. They are EXTREMELY intelligent, and know a lot more than you think. And this doggie is perfect proof of that. My father was a dog expert’s expert. Trainers and Vets from all over the world consulted with him, when they needed help. When experts needed help, they sought out my Father. My Father taught me well. And this dog in the video, making up with his best friend, is very intelligent. Not just submitting.

  3. So sad how long this man took pleasure in letting the dog beg (and being filmed as he chuckled) for forgiveness and a sign he was loved.

  4. ETTORE TU SEI PROPIAMENTE UN AMORE. e anche il tuo padrone non che mica male. ADESSO PACE, PACE MIO DIO.

    iO PARLO UN PO DI iTALIANO PERCHE MIEI NONNI ERANO DELLA lOMBARDIA. Ma Inglese e Spañol somo le lingu che io parlo sempre.

  5. So Heartwarming !! Yes the pup is sorry for what he did, and daddy did cuddle with him in the end., but hey, animals have to have guidelines just like kids do.. I loved this !!

  6. This dog is practising appeasement behaviour. Dogs actually have no concept of guilt. They react to the sound of the owner’s voice, which in the case of the dog having done something wrong, sounds angry and often the human’s body language is frightening to the dog when the person is angry. The dog is frightened and stressed by the angry voice and body language and wants to appease the owner and calm things down. That is what this dog is doing. It seems that before this video was shot, the owners may have been angry and shouted at the dog and that is why he is acting this way. I find it very sad that this dog is so scared and worried that he feels the need to do all this. Dogs do NOT feel guilt. It is not something their brains are capable of experiencing. They experience fear and stress and this is at the root of these sorts of behaviours.

  7. I understand how many of you think this is adorable, but really, isn’t it obvious that the dog is sorry at the start? After 6 seconds was enough, but this clown thinks he’s funny. Domesticated animals do have feelings, as do VERY WILD ANIMALS. Would you like it if your boy/girl friend put you through that. (no, no , you’re not sorry, no you can’t be, you’re not sorry enough.) Scold the dog, love him, and get on with your day!!! And stop being a d**k

  8. Omg, really people! This was absolutely adorable! No suffering or bullying!! Nothing but love noted here!!!! You want to see suffering animals look at those awful videos where animals are SUFFERING and BULLIED! This man clearly LOVES this dog!

  9. I agree Linda, a telling off is enough for any dog to regret upsetting it’s loved ones. No need to make it grovel and humiliate it!

  10. Definitely sad! This guy is having a blast abusing his dog!!! It’s obvious that this kind of abusive behavior has been done before, for the dog to know how to react to his owner scolding him!! Thus the video to show off to people what this man is capable of making his dog do when the dog is scolded!!! This man is a bully and a coward as far as I am concerned!!!!