Missing Dog Found. Treated Like A Queen & Carried Back To Safety!

A missing dog had been wandering alone for three weeks at Australia’s Mt. Glorious National Park. Miraculously, she was still alive and kicking.

Three hikers were making their way through the park when they heard splashing just up ahead, around the creek. Upon inspection, they saw a dog hanging on for dear life on a rock surrounded by water.

The hikers sprung into action. They created a noose using a rope, attached it to a stick and successfully rescued the dog out of the freezing water. However, the spooked dog ran away from her rescuers.

The dog was well-fed and spayed, which indicated that she must have had an owner. They had to gain her trust, for if she falls into the creek in the dead of the night, no one would come to her rescue and she would most likely die.

The female hiker approached the dog and then tried to give her a scratch behind the ear. She responded by licking her hand. Hurray!!! Turn to the next page for more.

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