Nanny Dog Has Best Reaction To Baby Who Pooped His Diaper!


Nanny dogs and babies are among the best combos ever. They are cute, hilarious and such fun energy to be around.

The video next page is guaranteed to crack you up! So a baby and his loyal nanny dog were chilling on a love couch.

Suddenly, baby was feeling queasy. He had to do number. As the popular adage goes, ‘’When you gotta go, you gotta go.’’

Of course, mothers always encourage their babies to have a healthy bowel movement. When she noticed that her baby was feeling poopy, she cheered him on. She encourage him to poop it out.

But with a nose that’s 40 times more potent than humans, the nanny dog wasn’t quite feeling the whole poop-in-your-diapers thing. Check out next page to see his precious reaction!

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