Dog Dumped Over And Over Cries On Blanket To Comfort Himself

He’s cute, gracious, funny, full of life and, above all, respectable. Yet, despite all these qualities, in so far his luck is concerned, King has always found himself behind the proverbial eight ball.

King, a lovable pooch, has become quite the bedfellows with that vile vixen, that horrid harlot: rejection.

King’s a friendly, of naive demeanor and coping with no behavioral conflicts, large puppy. He’s the sort of dog you see out on a walk and instantly want to hug.

He’s had to bear the burden of being constantly passed over for adoption. The ridicule of being the last picked for the team. A permanent fixture at the local animal halfway home in North Carolina.

His luck has even gone so far as to have swept the carpet from under him. Once he was actually adopted by a caring family, but due to breed restrictions in the community the heart stricken clan had no other choice but to return him.

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