Skinny Dog Kept Showing At Her Front Door, Then She Finds Out His Story

Kaylie springs into action once more. She brought Biscuit to the police to make sure he never has to suffer again.

“Once I figured out who he was, that he was Biscuit,” Stogsdill said. “You just couldn’t tell because he was so skinny.”

According to Maj. Banwart, the owner argued that Biscuit is a tall, skinny breed and that he’s supposed to look like that. The police is having any of it.

The court documents say that the dog was so emaciated his skin sagged from the skull; his ribs and vertebrae protruding; he had no muscle, much more body; he had infected ears. Of course, he was covered in fleas too!

“The vet said we’re looking at probably needing to gain 20 pounds which for an animal is quite a bit,” Maj. Banwart said. Turn to the next page to see how this story ends.

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