Stray Puppy Covered In Super Glue Fights To Stay Alive

This poor stray puppy had to suffer in the hands of some very horrible people. As if being a stray puppy isn’t hard enough.

Pascal the stray puppy suffered for sometime after a bunch of maniacs covered him in super glue. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could do something so horrible to a defenseless animal. But hey, it’s a cruel world we’re living in

But people aren’t all that bad. While there are those who hurt animals, there are people who dedicated their lives to save animals, too.

Lucky for Pascal, some really good people found him and sprung to action. People at He’Art of Rescue did not turn a blind eye to his predicament and helped the pup break away from the clasp of death by super glue.

Turn to the next page to see how these amazing people turned Pascal’s life around. Thanks for giving humanity a good rap.

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