Super cute pup takes the wheel.

There are no words that can describe how cute this video is. I could really watch puppies and their shenanigans all day! It’s the perfect cure for any bad day, especially for dog lovers.

It’s basically just about a Rottweiler pup hopping on a tricycle and just doing whatever the hell he wants. He just sits there and chews the steering wheel before falling asleep next to it.

There’s not much sense to it aside from the fact that it features a unbelievably adorable Rottweiler puppy! Sometimes, watching sheer cuteness is all we need to get us through the day.

“Where do you live so that I may drop by for a snuggle?” YouTube user SchwarzeWitwe2 wrote in the comments section.

I am not trying to be a creep or anything but I can seriously just watch this dog doing random things all day. Doesn’t matter what he does. He’s so effing cute.

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