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corgi 2

Corgi Shows Just How Adorable Dogs Can Be When They Are Sleepy!

A totally adorable Corgi pup struggles to stay awake through belly rubs, and it stole my heart! Oh My God! I’m in love! This is one of the cutest and sweetest moments that’s been filmed and picked up in Ukraine! This adorable and awfully cute little ball of fur is called Shady. Shady is a small, […]

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rottie licks babe

Rottweiler Attacks Baby –WITH KISSES!!!

It’s about time people stop blaming dogs and start taking responsibility for the behavior of the pets they rear. Here is proof that Rottweilers can be great family pets as long as they are loved adequately and trained properly. In the video, the Rottweiler is laying on the couch next to a toddler when the […]

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puppy soaks his fluffy butt

You Have To See This Confused Puppy Who Turns His Water Bowl Into A Bath Tub!

What are you doing there little buddy? Water bowl is where you drink water from, not soak your fluffy butt! But that’s okay. You look absolutely adorable doing what you’re doing so who cares how you use your water bowl? The chubbiness, cuteness, fluffiness and innocent failure of this charming pup is 120 percent cute!! You stole […]

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