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Mom Offends Big Dog So He Ignores What She Has To Say—Until She Says Sorry

Some people say they are just dogs— but even dogs have feelings too! That is why when we offend our dog, I think it’s important we have to apologize. Why? Because dogs are capable of complex emotions! And they are capable of ignoring you to their heart’s content until you apologize! The video next page […]

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Jealous Great Dane Throws Big Tantrum Over New Puppy In Mom’s Arms

Dogs are basically two-year-old kids. They wear the heart on their sleeves and aren’t exactly keen on suppressing their feelings. When they are not amused, they will throw a tantrum to let you know! Take this Great Dane for instance. He may be a big boy on the outside, but he’s totally a little puppy […]

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Dalmatian Says “Enough” To Bully Kitten In The Gentlest Way

A huge Dalmatian stops the evil but adorable bullying of a small and fragile kitten! He asserted his dominance yet he didn’t do it with force or violence. Like water and oil, like fire and ice, like cats and dogs. Sometimes, the durability of a stereotype boggles the mind. Lady the Dalmatian and Squirt the Cat […]

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