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Adorable Puppy’s Priceless Reaction To Being At Target Is So Relatable

Oh, yes. Who doesn’t love visiting Target? Even if you’re not actually buying something (which is nearly impossible), it’s just fun to walk around and look at everything. There’s even a certain smell about the store that is nostalgic. Target has gained a lot of loyal customers over the years and for many — it’s […]

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golden retriever rufio

Golden Retriever Realizes They Are Leaving Pet Store, Adorably Sabotages Departure Plan!

To dogs, a pet store is the closest thing to heaven. Rufio, a Golden Retriever, was shopping at at local pet store with mom. So when mom has done what she came to the pet store to do, she was prepared to leave the store. Of course, that means her dog Rufio also has to […]

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Cute Dog Has Silliest Reaction To Seeing Human Baby Sister For The First Time

Cute dog meets her human sister for the first time. Her reaction will melt your heart! It is a mixture of so many emotions. Zayla the dog has just gotten the surprise of a lifetime. She’s a big lummox with a kind heart, a furry disposition and an adorable look at life. In this absolutely […]

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cute dog

Cute Dog Surfs The Internet And People Are NUTS About It

A cute dog is currently stealing internet hearts with his rather odd hobby! Have you ever seen a dog look so seriously while doing THIS? Surfing on the web has been the sort of pastime that manages to do nothing more than swallow time. You could easily watch as day becomes night while whittling away […]

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puppy soaks his fluffy butt

You Have To See This Confused Puppy Who Turns His Water Bowl Into A Bath Tub!

What are you doing there little buddy? Water bowl is where you drink water from, not soak your fluffy butt! But that’s okay. You look absolutely adorable doing what you’re doing so who cares how you use your water bowl? The chubbiness, cuteness, fluffiness and innocent failure of this charming pup is 120 percent cute!! You stole […]

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