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Driver Sees Distressed Dog Clawing At A Box Taped Shut But Nothing Can Prepare Him For What’s In It!

We hear so many stories of neglect, abuse and abandonment of animals. On the other hand, it’s always heartwarming to hear these animals make it through. A good Samaritan was driving through a road when a peculiar scene caught his eye. A distressed dog is clawing at a box right next to said road. He […]

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Man Saves Distressed Dog Drowning In 8 Feet Of Flood Water

A distressed dog lost all hope when a raging flood drowned Baton Rouge. That is until a group of amazing people saved him from imminent death. Baton Rouge residents woke up to one of the worst days of their lives. Their homes were surrounded by flood waters and they were being swallowed deep as the […]

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