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He Saw A White Lump On The Road. His Heart Sank When He Realized It’s A Dog!

David Loop was on his way to work when he spotted a little white lump on the road. When he stopped to check it, he realized it was a dead dog. He captured the whole incident with the dashboard camera on his car. His heart was in his throat. But if the dog really was […]

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Scalded And Abused, Colombian Dog Now Lives In The Home Of His Dreams In New York

Manny, a four-year-old stray dog, was discovered by a passionate dog rescue worker on the mean streets of South America. His face and frame seemed like it could have been taken from an old Phantom of The Opera film. This dog went through some horrible experiences. He was scalded with hot oil, slashed and sliced with […]

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Heartless Man Tightly Wraps Steel Wire Around Neck Of Abused Dog

A team of vets were filmed carefully removing something that’s wrapped around a dog’s neck in Greece. First, before we veer into the video at hand, it is important for us to take a breather and warm our younger audience. This is a graphic video and not suitable for children. Paris, an absolutely adorable and breathtaking […]

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