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Vet Advises To Share Your Food With Pupper To Keep Him Healthy

We’ve been told time and time again not to feed human foods to pupper, but New York-based vet Danny Tufaro would beg to differ. He thinks that you should share some of your healthy food with your dog to keep him healthy. While there are a lot of human foods that are deadly to your […]

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10 Super Foods Your Dog Should Be Eating Regularly

It’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes. You’ve probably tossed him more food than you’d care to admit whenever he begs from under the table for a taste of whatever meal you’ve prepared yourself. Feeding your dog from the table is bad, mainly because of two reasons. First, It encourages them to beg; and […]

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Dad Films Baby Laughing At Family Dog Over The Cutest (And Lamest) Reason!

There’s nothing like the sweet laughter of a baby. Top that with an adorable family dog and you’ve got one hell of a viral video. That’s exactly what this story is all about. Basically, dad catches his baby laughing at their family dog. Why? It’s over the lamest reason. But lame as it is, dad […]

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People Foods That Can Harm Your Dog

Sure, junk food is bad for everybody, dogs and humans alike. But even some foods that are nutritious, good and healthy for humans can be harmful to dogs. Thinking about tossing a piece of grape to your dog? Forget it. You’d be surprised by how much food out there can severely impair and even be deadly for your […]

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Ingredient Splitting – Dog Food Company Shocking Secret Revealed!

 We’ve all heard it: “always check your dog food labels for wholesome ingredients,” but what happens when your dog food label uses word play to fool our better judgment? As Ray Comfort once said; Rhetoric, which is the use of language to inform or persuade, is very important in shaping public opinion. We are very […]

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Infographic Shows Important Factors You Should Look Into Before Buying A Dog Treat

Here’s a very interesting infographic about the qualities of a  good dog treat, courtesy of Dogingtonpost.com! Choosing the right treat for your dog is indeed just as important as choosing a safe and healthy food for him to eat every meal of the day. 5,600 dogs got sick or died from chinese jerky treats since 2007 […]

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