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Woman Checks Engine After Breakdown–Shocked To Find Smiling Dog Inside!

It’s normal to expect  something weird going on in the engines when your car breaks down. It could be anything–anything but a smiling dog. So imagine the surprise that overcame Lidiane Braga Carlos while she was running an errand one fine day. Her car suddenly stopped about two blocks from whence she came from. Frustrated, she […]

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Dog Spent Weeks In Veterinary ICU After Being Thrown Out Of Speeding Car

A dog ends up at veterinary ICU after being thrown out of a speeding car. He spent weeks at intensive care. The poor pup named Buddy received multiple injuries and was in critical condition. Who wouldn’t be after being dumped the way he was? Buddy’s rescuers weren’t sure whether or not he will make a […]

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Poor Dog Desperately Crying For Help After Falling Into A Dam

A poor dog was stranded in xwas stuck in a dam and the most beautiful thing happened! An act of heroism, reminiscent of superheroes we see on TV, once more proves our blind faith in humanity. A dog, a poor defenseless puppy, had been caught adrift. Tied to the currents and weight by the river’s […]

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Injured dog refuses to leave her puppies behind. Rescuers save them all.

Injured Dog Refuses To Leave Her Puppies Behind; Rescuers Save Them All

This is Iris the Pit Bull. She had just given birth to a litter of puppies in the bushes by the highway in LA when Hope For Paw’s Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli came to her rescue. She’s distrustful, afraid and really protective of her puppies. Iris looks like she has been abandoned by her […]

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