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7 Things A Dog Owner Should Never Do To A Dog

Dog owners always have their dog’s best interest in mind. However, we are not perfect. Sometimes, we overlook things. Sometimes, we forget. Sometimes, we don’t know better. We are imperfect. Occasionally, you may have given your dog second dinner since you forgot you fed him an hour ago. There may have been time he peed […]

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3 Things To Do When Your Dog Is Nervous Around Strangers

It’s common for people to be nervous around dogs but what many people don’t consider is that dogs have feelings too. Your dog can get nervous around new people and it has to be taken seriously. If you ignore a pup’s anxiety, it might cause them to snap. He will bark at you or worse. As […]

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Sleeping With Your Dog: Helping Or Hurting?

There are a lot of dog owners who sleep with their pets. A survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association reveals that nearly half of dogs sleep in their owner’s beds. Whether this is good or bad depends on a host of factors which we’re going to break down below. Does your dog actually […]

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