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10 Super Foods Your Dog Should Be Eating Regularly

It’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes. You’ve probably tossed him more food than you’d care to admit whenever he begs from under the table for a taste of whatever meal you’ve prepared yourself. Feeding your dog from the table is bad, mainly because of two reasons. First, It encourages them to beg; and […]

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This Clever Dalmatian Knows Just What To Do To Get A Meal

A smart Dalmatian does the cutest thing in order to get his meal. Dogs will do the most amazing and colorful things for grub. Dogs are going to learn Chinese or get a degree in Physics if it’ll lead them to a yummy meal. Their many achievements in getting bacon is only shadowed by their acrobatic […]

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Lazy Dog Hears The Biscuit Box Open Without Fail

This lazy dog has a very nifty skills; he has the ability to hear the biscuit box open from miles away. He could be sleeping, chilling or playing and still hear the box unveil its delicious goodness. Food is a dog’s Kryptonite. It”s ultimate Achilles’ Heel. The one thing he’s liable to go gonzo over. […]

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Loving Pets Corp Recalls Moldy Biscotti Treats

We are advising all dog owners to avoid buying Simply Nourish Biscotti with Beef and Sweet Potatoes that expires on February 2016. According to PetSmart, manufacturer Loving Pet Corp issued a voluntary recall of said treats because of suspected mold growth. There were no other products were affected. Your money is not gone for good as Pet […]

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