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Check out how this pooch reacts to a scene in Lion King!  Proof that DOGS ARE COMPLEX CREATURES TOO!

Check out how this pooch reacts to a scene in Lion King! Proof that DOGS ARE COMPLEX CREATURES, too!

Dogs are just like humans. They feel happiness, sadness, boredom, empathy and so much more–this video is a proof of that. Are you effing kidding me? Is he crying? The video captures a Pug whimper as he watches the part in Lion King where Mufasa falls from the edge of a cliff, gets run over […]

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Dog and human engages in hilarious con! Guys, you really have to watch this!

Dog And Human Engages In Hilarious Conversation About Food! You REALLY Have To Watch This.

This video cracked me up super bad and I think it will get you rolling on the floor too. An adorable dog has a conversation about maple-flavored bacon with his human. By conversation, we mean very accurate dubbing of the dog’s mouth movements to make it sound as if he’s actually getting the ultimate food tease! In the […]

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Rottie Gives Kittens Some TLC

Rottie Gives Kittens Some TLC

These kittens do not have a mother to raise them and teach them cat ways  but I don’t think they are necessarily unluckily. In fact, I think it’s pretty awesome that they get to experience the affection of a loving Rottweiler! It’s really heartwarming to see a dog with this size and reputation to prove the […]

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Priceless! World’s bravest cat gives Rottweiler a massage.

PRICELESS! Bravest cat in the world gives Rottweiler a massage.

OMG Are these two for real? How did the cat know how to give massages? And how did she know the dog would love it? I’m not very surprised though, as cats look like they have might soft paws. Whoever said that cats and dogs can’t get along probably haven’t see this video–and he has […]

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Rottweiler showers baby girl with kisses. SUPER CUTE VIDEO

Rottweilers are often branded as fierce, violent and overly protective, but this video by YouTube user Walks Through Life will change the way you look at Rotties forever. We’re about to show you just how sweet loving Rottweilers can be. The video shows an adorable and loving pet Rottweiler showering a baby girl with kisses. And […]

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Puppy tries to awake during first bath. Cuteness overload!

Puppy Tries To Stay Awake During First Bath! Cuteness Overload.

Not sure if this 5-week-old pup is tired or it’s the synergy of warm bath and gentle human touch that’s making him fall asleep uncontrollably. Whatever the reason may be, this puppy is without a doubt one of the cutest things in the world! “Aww, he’s like a little Ewok! <3,” Tom Wallen wrote in […]

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Lucky guy gets CRUSHED by a pack of pug puppies!

Pack of Puppies Crushes Lucky Guy! You’d Be So Jealous Of This!

If there’s anything on earth that had to chase you, what would you want it to be? Is money? Is it fame? Perhaps women if you’re a man and men if you’re a woman? If there’s one person I envy the most right now, it’s the guy. If I had to be overwhelmed by anything, […]

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Rottweiler Pup attempts to howl

Rottweiler Pup Attempts to Howl And It’s One Of The Cutest Things Ever!

In this video, a very excited rottweiler puppy responds to the howling of its owner. If cuteness takes form, it’s going to be in the form of this puppy belting out a really adorable yet poor excuse of a howl. There’s nothing cuter than a puppy thinking it’s old enough to do adult stuff such as […]

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Adorable chihuahua chases bubbles in slow motion. Absolutely EPIC!

Chihuahua Chasing Bubbles In Slow Motion Is The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today! Watch Him Prance Around.

You know what’s a good way to start your day? Watching Audrey the chihuahua chase bubbles before they fall and pop on the floor– in slow motion! It’s so darned epic and you shouldn’t miss it! The experience, which was suppose to be a treat for Audrey by owner Brad Hagan, became a treat for […]

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