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Dogs Snub People Who Are Mean To Their Owners, Study Reveals

Diss a dog owner and you instantly earn yourself two enemies. A study conducted in Japan reveals that dogs indeed make social and emotional evaluations of people, an ability thought to only exists in very few species including humans and primates. Led by Kazuo Fujita, the study used 18 different dogs and several strangers who […]

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dog in leaves

10+ Dogs Who Love To Swim Through Leaves

It’s that time of the year again; the time for dramatic foliage as leaves prepare to fall out to pave way for winter. While it is a beautiful season, it can also be a gloomy and depressing time of the year. But one of the unexpected joys of autumn is the pile of leaves that […]

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10 Dogs With Uniquely Beautiful Coat Patterns And Markings

We get a dog for a variety of reasons. For companionship, for health reasons, to show compassion, or just because we want to. Unfortunately, one of the many considerations in getting a dog is their looks. There’s just something about looks that puts a premium on a dog. Some people would be willing to shed […]

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Dog Helps Cat Deliver Her Kittens And It’s Hands Down One Of The Cutest Things I’ve Ever Seen

I always find dogs pitted against cats. They have been stereotyped as mortal enemies for as long as I could remember. But my, did my jaw drop after watching the story of this particular dog and cat. There are no words for how beautiful the video we are about to show you in the next […]

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hot car

Chef Saves Dogs From Hot Car Death With A Very Simple Act Of Kindness

It’s easy to whine and complain about something, but it’s another to actually do something about it. This incredible chef is tired and sick of people leaving dogs inside a hot car at the expense of the dog’s life! And he wasn’t just going to nag about it. Chef Rabie Hijazi, who works at Hayat […]

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Baby And Dog Born on The Same Day Become BFFs. Their Pictures Are The Cutest!

Not too long after professional photographer Ivette Ivens gave birth to her son Dilan, she also adopted Farley, a French Bulldog. What makes the two new additions to the family special is that not only are they different species, they were also born on the same day: May 26, 2014! As soon as Ivens saw […]

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Puppy Can’t Win Against Older Brother So He Resorted To The Dirtiest Trick

Sibling quarrels are common. Normally, it’s the older sibling that gets the last laugh! These two adorable Corgis are in the middle of a minor argument. The puppy knows that he can’t win against the bigger Corgi so he decided to play dirty. He resorted to one of the rudest things to do ever—he farted […]

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Driver Kicks Sleeping Dog Out Of His Parking Space—But Karma Gets Him!

This story is out to remind us that we should be kind to others. We should not to lose a temper when something very small is amiss. It’s also important to remember that dogs are smart creature with sharp fangs and they respond better to kindness. Don’t mess with a dog if you can help […]

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Dog Pokes Head Out Of The Gate With Toy In His Mouth, Then They Notice A Sign!

Dogs are social animals. They make friends wherever they go. Sometimes, they are too friendly they are downright unreliable to guard the house. But dogs are more than just companions. They are more than stewards of safety for your property. They also spread cheers and joy everywhere. Caterina Dellabona was going about her day when […]

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Get Your Sanity Back: 6 Tricks To Stop Your Dog From Excessive Barking!

Has that adorable old lady been giving you the stink eye? Does the Homeowner’s Association treat you like a social pariah? Are your neighbors about to murder you in your sleep? If you can’t control your dog’s barking, then that may very well be the reason. If the common response when you present your chihuahua […]

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