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Who Needs A House Maid When You Have A Golden Retriever? You Have To See This Pup!

Diligent Golden Retriever Helps Clean The House

Mop the floor, get the BBQ ready, shine the windows and clean up after the kids. Everyday tasks that continuously sap the life out of everyone. But the rich and famous can manage to pass on to their handy butlers and house maids. In this story, however, the family managed to pass on a menial […]

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pupper diet

Vet Advises To Share Your Food With Pupper To Keep Him Healthy

We’ve been told time and time again not to feed human foods to pupper, but New York-based vet Danny Tufaro would beg to differ. He thinks that you should share some of your healthy food with your dog to keep him healthy. While there are a lot of human foods that are deadly to your […]

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dog eyes

Take A Look At The World Through Dog Eyes

How do dogs see the world? There are have been a lot of myths about how dogs perceive colors; that it’s a lot different from what humans see. There’s truth in that, but a world through their eyes is not as dull and monochromatic as most people believe. It has less colors, yes, but it’s […]

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Gripping Story Shows The Sad Reality About Adopting A Dog

This is one of those videos that will rip your heart of your chest and crush it into pieces— because it’s just so true and many of us dog lovers feel powerless over it sometimes. But I believe that change comes from within and achieving great results through raising awareness is not impossible. In the […]

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maru 9

Maru Is The Happiest Husky On The Internet With An Infectious Smile!

If you need a reason to smile today, Maru the Husky can help you with that. Maru is one of the most followed dogs on Instagram for a very specific reason: he has an adorable, beautiful, genuine, infectious smile! Maru’s owners says he resembles a panda and a seal, among other things. Nevertheless, he’s among […]

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negao the dog

Stray Dog Was Wandering At Gas Station. Instead Of Shooing Him, They Gave Him A Uniform

What would you do if you see a dog hanging around your establishment? You give him a job! Or at least that’s what Sabrina Planerer did! A dog named Negao was abandoned by his former around the property Planerer bought, which was then under construction to become a gas station. Many establishments would shoo dogs […]

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injured stray refugee

8-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Comforts Injured Stray Until Help Arrives

At only eight years old, Hüseyin el-Hasan has seen so much, being a Syrian refugee in Turkey. Life hasn’t been too kind to him and his family. But what’s fascinating about this boy is his love and compassion for others. In the small town of Kilis in Turkey, he stumbled upon a badly injured stray […]

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silly dogs tan

Silly Dogs Line Up By The Pool To Get A Tan. Too Funny!

A bunch of silly dog line up by the pool to get their not-so-necessary tan! These dogs sure have swag and personality for days! The fun thing about dogs is that you can make them do just about anything for entertainment. Of course, hurting them is not an option. But as long as it’s fun […]

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Metro UK / Michelle Wibowo

10 Amazing Cakes Shaped Into Doggie Perfection!

Dogs are so tightly integrated into our lives that they are more than just pets, they are family. We say, it we show it, we do it to let them know! But sometimes, we love our doggies a little too much that we take it to the next level. They get more expensive haircut, more […]

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dog tweets

26 Funny Dog Tweets You Wish You Thought Of!

In the age of social media, it’s rather common to see something so simple yet so utterly genius, it makes you wish you could have thought of it. ”Ah, why didn’t I?” Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of 25 best dog tweets we’ve come across as we were scrolling through Twitterverse! With a dash of […]

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