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10 Dogs With Uniquely Beautiful Coat Patterns And Markings

We get a dog for a variety of reasons. For companionship, for health reasons, to show compassion, or just because we want to. Unfortunately, one of the many considerations in getting a dog is their looks. There’s just something about looks that puts a premium on a dog. Some people would be willing to shed […]

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silly dogs tan

Silly Dogs Line Up By The Pool To Get A Tan. Too Funny!

A bunch of silly dog line up by the pool to get their not-so-necessary tan! These dogs sure have swag and personality for days! The fun thing about dogs is that you can make them do just about anything for entertainment. Of course, hurting them is not an option. But as long as it’s fun […]

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dog lions

Courageous Dog Gets Cozy With Mighty Lions

Dogs are incredible creatures that can get along with just about anyone –dogs, people or other animals. This dog, for instance, gets cozy with lions. Dogs are simply so likable. Maybe it’s their appearance. Or their playfulness. Or their innate ability to accept everyone for who they are, mistakes and all. Maybe it’s all of […]

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dog food super food

10 Super Foods Your Dog Should Be Eating Regularly

It’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes. You’ve probably tossed him more food than you’d care to admit whenever he begs from under the table for a taste of whatever meal you’ve prepared yourself. Feeding your dog from the table is bad, mainly because of two reasons. First, It encourages them to beg; and […]

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golden retriever rufio

Golden Retriever Realizes They Are Leaving Pet Store, Adorably Sabotages Departure Plan!

To dogs, a pet store is the closest thing to heaven. Rufio, a Golden Retriever, was shopping at at local pet store with mom. So when mom has done what she came to the pet store to do, she was prepared to leave the store. Of course, that means her dog Rufio also has to […]

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dog owner 3

7 Things A Dog Owner Should Never Do To A Dog

Dog owners always have their dog’s best interest in mind. However, we are not perfect. Sometimes, we overlook things. Sometimes, we forget. Sometimes, we don’t know better. We are imperfect. Occasionally, you may have given your dog second dinner since you forgot you fed him an hour ago. There may have been time he peed […]

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Jealous Great Dane Throws Big Tantrum Over New Puppy In Mom’s Arms

Dogs are basically two-year-old kids. They wear the heart on their sleeves and aren’t exactly keen on suppressing their feelings. When they are not amused, they will throw a tantrum to let you know! Take this Great Dane for instance. He may be a big boy on the outside, but he’s totally a little puppy […]

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Nanny Dog Has Best Reaction To Baby Who Pooped His Diaper!

Nanny dogs and babies are among the best combos ever. They are cute, hilarious and such fun energy to be around. The video next page is guaranteed to crack you up! So a baby and his loyal nanny dog were chilling on a love couch. Suddenly, baby was feeling queasy. He had to do number. […]

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3 Things To Do When Your Dog Is Nervous Around Strangers

It’s common for people to be nervous around dogs but what many people don’t consider is that dogs have feelings too. Your dog can get nervous around new people and it has to be taken seriously. If you ignore a pup’s anxiety, it might cause them to snap. He will bark at you or worse. As […]

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Abandoned Kitten Falls Head-Over-Heels With Family Dog. CUTE!!

An abandoned kitten gets a second chance at a family, thanks to a kind passerby who did not turn a blind eye. The kitten, who now goes by the name Poncho, was discovered alone in the streets with his eyes still closed. Rumble user louielovesgigi brought Poncho home. They bathed him, kept him fed and […]

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