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Baby And Dog Born on The Same Day Become BFFs. Their Pictures Are The Cutest!

Not too long after professional photographer Ivette Ivens gave birth to her son Dilan, she also adopted Farley, a French Bulldog. What makes the two new additions to the family special is that not only are they different species, they were also born on the same day: May 26, 2014! As soon as Ivens saw […]

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Tiny Frenchie Barks Funny And Cracks Up Her Owner!

This tiny Frenchie barks up a storm and it’s hilarious. Have you ever heard something like this before? Now that’s a bark to remember; the sort of bark that’s so unique that it might as well be sold on the iTunes store as a ringtone. Honey, a French Bulldog, has a couple of lungs that […]

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French Bulldog Asleep On The Floor Has The Cutest Cuddle Buddy Ever

His name is Ungdee, a French Bulldog, is an absolutely adorable, out-of-this-world, French Bulldog. He’s the sort of puppy that makes other puppies jealous on account of his cute factor. Ungdee has just recently celebrated his second year. And, one of Ungdee’s favorite pastime is to squander the day away snuggled up and taking in […]

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