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Who Needs A House Maid When You Have A Golden Retriever? You Have To See This Pup!

Diligent Golden Retriever Helps Clean The House

Mop the floor, get the BBQ ready, shine the windows and clean up after the kids. Everyday tasks that continuously sap the life out of everyone. But the rich and famous can manage to pass on to their handy butlers and house maids. In this story, however, the family managed to pass on a menial […]

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golden retriever rufio

Golden Retriever Realizes They Are Leaving Pet Store, Adorably Sabotages Departure Plan!

To dogs, a pet store is the closest thing to heaven. Rufio, a Golden Retriever, was shopping at at local pet store with mom. So when mom has done what she came to the pet store to do, she was prepared to leave the store. Of course, that means her dog Rufio also has to […]

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She Extends Hand To Golden Retriever. His Response Is So Adorable!

A woman and her Golden Retriever wows people with their ability to coordinate in this entertaining routine! Dogs have an amazing capability to learn. In some case, dogs seem to grasp concepts far simpler and faster than their human companions. It is a known fact that you can always teach a dog a new trick just […]

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