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Silly Labrador Steals A Kayak And Is Out To Sea Without A Paddle!

Seeing everyone having so much out paddling and playing in the water, this Labrador Retriever decided to get it a try on his own! However, with the required opposable thumb and a paddle, it didn’t go so well! Rosy the Lab, was playing with Michael and Sean Osborne, the sons of her owner, on the shore […]

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smart dog

Smart Dog Retrieves Ball From Water Without Getting Wet!

A smart dog has ingenious way of retrieving his ball from the pool! Hanging on tight, playing loose and making it look all seamlessly and cool is all in a day’s work for this otherworldly smart dog. This particular pooch has been a source of constant amusement for pooch lovers everywhere. Her antics have basically […]

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Check out what this lab does to cool down after playtime! Silly or VERY SMART

This Labrador Has A Silly Way Of Cooling Down After Playtime! Silly Or Smart?

Stella the lab gives a whole other meaning to the word drag race. She would run around and play in the yard but every now and then, she would peculiarly drop her hind legs to rub her tummy against the grass. According to her owner, rubbing her belly against wet greens is Stella’s way of […]

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