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Driver Sees Distressed Dog Clawing At A Box Taped Shut But Nothing Can Prepare Him For What’s In It!

We hear so many stories of neglect, abuse and abandonment of animals. On the other hand, it’s always heartwarming to hear these animals make it through. A good Samaritan was driving through a road when a peculiar scene caught his eye. A distressed dog is clawing at a box right next to said road. He […]

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Thief Returns Mama Dog And Litter After Nationwide Social Media Appeal

A mama dog who recently gave birth to a litter of puppies were returned to farmer owner after they were stolen. Their owner credits the ”great British public” for their return. This peculiar story is proof that if you lose your dog, never give up. Create publicity, seek the power of social media! Dora the mama […]

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Hero Saves Mama Dog Trapped In Mud In Brazil’s Worst Mining Disaster

A mama dog averted death during a mining disaster, thanks to a hero firefighter. He dug her out of the mud and carried her to safety. Disasters, natural or artificial, whether they are spurred on by a nature’s wild streak or man’s complicit hands, always take a harrowing toll on the weakest of the pack. […]

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mama dog

This Mama Dog Who Adopted A Lion Cub Will Make Your Day!

A mama dog is making rounds on the internet for taking under her wing a LION cub! In Beijing China, cross species shenanigans once more takes the driver’s seat. If Zootopia has taught us anything is the fact that different species and races can truly, despite their natural instinct, manage to uphold an honest friendship. […]

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