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Bus Driver Refuses Veteran Passenger Because Of Service Dog’s Breed

Purple Heart veteran Ret. Staff Sergeant Daniel Wright suffers from PTSD and has injured arm, and for those reasons he doesn’t go anywhere without his service dog, Tank. Unlike most service dogs which are largely Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds, Tank is a Pit Bull. When Wright and Tank tried to get on a New […]

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Poor Pit Bull Puppy Was Weak And Balding, But Rescue Refused To Give Up On Her

This was Hippo at only 12 weeks old. It’s really heartbreaking to see how some people can be so cruel and leave a canine at such young age to fend for himself while suffering a variety of disease. Whether Hippo was thrown out because she was too sick or that she got too sick because […]

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‘’Aggressive’’ Dog Chained Up For A Decade! But He Befriends A Stranger Who Changed to His Life Forever.

Man Noticed Dog Chained To A Wall 24/7, Then He Found Out How Long He’s Been Like This

This is the harrowing story of Rusty, a senior dog who had been chained up for over a decade in a backyard. But thanks to the kindness of a stranger who decided to stop by and give him attention, he will finally get the chance to enjoy what little time he has left in this world. […]

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Three Blind Cats Find Lasting Friendship With Two Rescued Pit Bulls

Dogs have big hearts capable of loving anyone and anything. They especially extend their love to those who are broken or those who have less in life. This story will prove just that. In Faithful Friends Animal Society in Delaware, there three lives three blind cats. The first cat, Helen, lost her eyes to glaucoma. […]

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Montreal Pit Bull Ban Will Kill Thousands. You Can Help Fight It!

Do your part in ending the killing of thousands of Pit bulls in Montreal by signing a petition! There are no bad dogs, just bad owner. We’ve said it time and time again. It is a common misconception, one based on a couple of bad apples, that Pit Bulls are a violent and hostile breed. […]

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pit bull loves ice cream

Pit Bull Loves Ice Cream, Waits In Line To Get One! ADORABLE!!!

This Pit bull loves ice cream and was spotted patiently waiting in line for his time to order! Ice Cream, when you’re a kid there is nothing that will make you run a marathon faster than the prospect of a cone of happiness. A melt on your tongue, thank the Lord for its existence on […]

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