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Poor Pit Bull Puppy Was Weak And Balding, But Rescue Refused To Give Up On Her

This was Hippo at only 12 weeks old. It’s really heartbreaking to see how some people can be so cruel and leave a canine at such young age to fend for himself while suffering a variety of disease. Whether Hippo was thrown out because she was too sick or that she got too sick because […]

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Stray Puppy Covered In Super Glue Fights To Stay Alive

This poor stray puppy had to suffer in the hands of some very horrible people. As if being a stray puppy isn’t hard enough. Pascal the stray puppy suffered for sometime after a bunch of maniacs covered him in super glue. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could do something so horrible to a defenseless […]

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Brave Puppy Swims 6 Miles To Be With Her Family Again

A brave puppy swims over six miles across Lake Michigan to see her family once more. She tragically fell off the boat while her owners were leisurely sailing. Nothing less of a miracle took place in the icy depths of said lake. Edward Chase, 56, was boating with his wife and their son’s 10-month old […]

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Helpless Pup Rescued From Fire Repays Kindness By Saving Lives!

A helpless pup who was rescued from a house fire returns all the love and kindness he received by doing something so incredible! I couldn’t be happier and more proud of this pup! This is the sort of story that has Hollywood script written all over. The sort of tale that begs to be turned […]

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This Chocolate Lab Will Crack You Up When You See His Technique For Going Down Stairs!

Dogs might have a hard time figuring out how to gracefully go up or down the stairs at times. Thankfully, Chocolate Labs are very inventive and clever animals that can outwit even the toughest maneuvers. This adorable Chocolate Lab pup has figured out his very own personal technique when it comes to making his way […]

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