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old home

Dog Abandoned By Family Walks 20 Miles To Her Old Home — Not Once, But Twice

A dog named Cathleen’s family decided that they could no longer keep her; so, they sent her to live with a new owner approximately 20 miles away from her old home in Prague, Oklahoma. Cathleen wasn’t quite sure where she was, so she decided to try and find her way back! The 6-year-old dog had […]

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adam 1

Dog Who Turned Hairless From Neglect Has The Best Reaction To Finding A Forever Home

Even when things get rough, dogs have this admirable strength to overcome them and bounce back! They are a hard bunch to break. Adam was rescued from a home outside of Tallahassee, Florida. He was in a very bad situation, living in a dirty house with 54 other dogs. Thankfully, they were rescued by the […]

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pitbull saves woman

Rescue Dog Saves Owner from Carjacking

Victor the Pitbull, along with many other dogs, was rescued from a dog fighting ring years back. After months in rehab, he finally found a home when he got adopted by a woman named Melena. Sadly, a lot of his friends didn’t quite make it because they exhibited behavioral problems for being victims that they […]

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