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Senior Dog Was About To Be Euthanized, But Vet Took Him To Adoption Day Instead!

Life has been rough for Emu. For one, he’s old. And it doesn’t help that his family would rather have him put down than spend time taking care of him. It’s really sad how a dog could give his world to a person who could not be bothered to reciprocate the love. If his former […]

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Senior Dog Dumped At The Shelter For Being Old

Dogs give you unconditional love, whether or not you reciprocate it. They don’t abandon their family. That’s why it breaks my heart when I found out that this senior dog was left by his family at the shelter because he’s too old. Sonoma is a 20-year-old Cocker Spaniel. He’s been with the same family for […]

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Camera Captures Senior Dog Cling To Kind Woman At High-Kill Shelter

This has got to be one of the most heartbreaking scenes I have ever witnessed. A family surrenders an 18-year-old dog at a high-kill shelter in the California. Meanwhile, the senior dog finds console in the loving embrace of a volunteer. Her days are numbered and she knows it. Due to fear and confusion, this poor soul […]

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