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Silly Labrador Steals A Kayak And Is Out To Sea Without A Paddle!

Seeing everyone having so much out paddling and playing in the water, this Labrador Retriever decided to get it a try on his own! However, with the required opposable thumb and a paddle, it didn’t go so well! Rosy the Lab, was playing with Michael and Sean Osborne, the sons of her owner, on the shore […]

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GSD jumps out of the water

Brave Dog Sees Something In The Water. What He Did Next Is Crazy!

Experts always advise people not to dissuade their pet dog’s natural playfulness and curiosity. However, dogs sometimes get a bit too curious and do silly things to satisfy their hankering to know. Take for instance this dog Maverick–he was incredibly baffled by the presence of a free swimmer in the water so he jumped out […]

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