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Small Dog Wants Treats And Has A Creative Way Of Asking For Them!

Many dogs would sit and behave if they want a treat, but not Cooper the Shih Tzu. He does something a lot cuter and more creative. He would sit, look at his owner and stick his tongue out on command so he could get one of those yummy snacks. I’m not sure if the owner […]

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High Fence Cannot Stop Tiny Dog From Getting Back In The Yard–And It’s Impressive!

It’s pretty amazing what someone is willing to do to achieve a goal. This little black and white pup is a clear example. He is running up and down looking for a way into his home while hearing his pals barking for him on the other side. So he examines the situation, showing to be […]

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smart dog

Smart Dog Retrieves Ball From Water Without Getting Wet!

A smart dog has ingenious way of retrieving his ball from the pool! Hanging on tight, playing loose and making it look all seamlessly and cool is all in a day’s work for this otherworldly smart dog. This particular pooch has been a source of constant amusement for pooch lovers everywhere. Her antics have basically […]

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This Chocolate Lab Will Crack You Up When You See His Technique For Going Down Stairs!

Dogs might have a hard time figuring out how to gracefully go up or down the stairs at times. Thankfully, Chocolate Labs are very inventive and clever animals that can outwit even the toughest maneuvers. This adorable Chocolate Lab pup has figured out his very own personal technique when it comes to making his way […]

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