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Woman Checks Engine After Breakdown–Shocked To Find Smiling Dog Inside!

It’s normal to expect  something weird going on in the engines when your car breaks down. It could be anything–anything but a smiling dog. So imagine the surprise that overcame Lidiane Braga Carlos while she was running an errand one fine day. Her car suddenly stopped about two blocks from whence she came from. Frustrated, she […]

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Family Falls Head Over Heels For Dog Treated So Poorly All His Life

Kobe, a neglected pup placed in a shelter, finally found the perfect foster family. He was abandoned by his previous owners, skinny to the bones. Fortunately, a Maryland couple, Sean Stinchcomb and his wife Jane, temporarily adopted him and gave him hope for a better life. Kobe can’t stop SMILING! Kobe is about four years old. […]

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