This Dog Barks At Her Everyday, But Then The Unexpected Happened!


Ads, unlike any other sort of audiovisual technique, must always hit the target. Unlike other mediums, that can’t manage to play with time and space, ads have a short span of life.

In those precious seconds, they must elicit a response. Movies, books, operas and plays have the luxury of the clock to get their point across; to galvanize an emotional upsurge from its audience. Ads don’t.

The greatest ads in history, those that will forever be remembered, are akin to a sniper’s shell. They aim for the heart and never miss.

Be it laughter, be it sorrow, be it terror, or melancholy, they cannot spare the time for finesse, let alone elegance. Ads are sledgehammers, bullets and hatchets. They are dirty, but highly efficient if placed right.

In the video on the Next Page, you’ll discover one such ad. A marketing ploy by a Thailand conglomerate, Krungthai Bank, that proves without a doubt what a gaggle of professional mad-men can accomplish.

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    • although i know it was just a commercial, just like the article said, i cried like a baby too. i am such an animal lover. from wild life to domestic. animals show so much love and compassion. yet people don’t believe. and there are so many that hurt abuse and neglect them. we see it over and over when an animal show feelings and even helps others that are not even their species. it just breaks my heart that i cannot do more than donate a little here and there

      • Very true!! It also touches my heart!! Animals have helped me more then any human being ever could. They are always there, and that look in their eyes. Melts my heart.

  1. God.. I couldn’t stop crying. I live in Mauritius. Vets stop working at about 6:00 PM. Looking at this I remembered how I lost my Bozo 2 years back.. Taking him to vet’s for 3 consecutive days was not enough. Maybe if we had a 24 hour animal hospital services he could be saved.. My 4 dogs and 1 cat that I have now..I don’t even know how i will survive the loss of even any one of them some day

  2. Omg.. I can’t stop crying.. So sad!!! Kinda wish I didn’t watch the video … Dogs are so awesome..I do believe they know how much joy they bring you …

  3. Ninon Ruscher, i too could not get the video to play so I clicked on the 3 dots on top right corner. It will give you the option to view in the a different browser. It worked. It’s worth it. Good but teary video.

  4. Thank You to All involved in this dangerous rescue mission.
    Neither the dog nor I would have servived without you both.

    I am very grateful. You saved our lives., Thursday, August 27, 2016.

    Ellen M. Parent,

  5. I recently lost my dog of 11 1/2 years. I loved her so much. this made me cry hard. I miss her. I can’t understand how some people can be cruel or even so indifferent to animals. They are such loyal companions.

  6. I liked the thought but the lady shouldnt have gave it chicken legs or other bones, the small or other bones in them can get stuck in their throat or Stomachs. we lost one this way.

  7. I have been through this love and loss. I am glad that the person who posted this also included a warning so that I could be prepared for the bumpy ride. By the way, I have had more than one dachshund. All have died. One died in my arms, and one of my most recent had to be put to sleep. I had my hand on his head while he received the injection that robbed him of his life. I was 65 years old at the time, and I cried like a baby. As I type this, I have his little brother sleeping beside me. And when he dies, it is my plan to adopt an older rescue.

  8. Loved it! And also cried like a baby. Anyone who loves animals would. Especially those of us who have loved and lost dogs- they are family members.

  9. I cried like everyone else If you don’t have any emotions about that dog something is wrong. We lost our miniature Shellie about 2 years ago. I stil grieve for her. Gracie could look up at me and call me mama.Due to health problems from myself and my husband I don’t believe we could take care of one that has to be taken out for walks. Maybe soon.