This Is The Reason Why Every PTSD-Suffering Veteran Needs A Dog. Very Touching!

This is an award-winning commercial that shows the healing powers of dogs. Created by by KNGF, this video shows a soldier laying in a battlefield and not too far from him is a dead woman he couldn’t save.

As he feels powerless in the middle of the combat zone, he feels a lick on his face. It initially appears as one of the soldiers licking his face but as it turns out, it was all just a dream and he was being woken up by his service dog.

The mission of these service dogs is not only to provide comfort to the broken when they are awake but also make them snap out of their war-stricken daydreams and nightmares. Soldiers with PTSD have the tendency to dream and daydream traumatic experiences.

Dogs are amazing and beautiful creatures that are capable of many things. They are so integrated into human society that our lives will never be the same again without them.

Go to the next page to see just how life is so much more bearable for PTSD sufferers, especially veterans, when they have a service dog on their side. It makes me think that dogs truly are angels in disguise.

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