Little Dog Welcomes Couple But Makes It Clear Who His FAVORITE Owner Is

What’s worse than being your dog’s less favorite person? Well, losing that spot to your husband/wife!

This tiny dog unashamedly makes it clear who his favorite owner is. Sure, he welcomes his parents with joy and glee every time they arrive back home BUT he zooms past one of them and head straight to the other.

Dad couldn’t be more ecstatic to come home knowing that his tiny dog Joey will be welcoming them at the door. Sure, there’s some truth in that but what really happens will crack you up for sure.

As soon as dad opens the door, he yells a big, warm ”HI” to little Joey. However, the feel is not mutual and Joey zooms past dad and heads straight for mom.

Turn to the next page to see a tiny dog show the world just who his favorite owner is. It’s pretty hilarious.

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