Valiant Dog Guards Man After Fire. In Return, Gets Booted Out Of Country!

Tragedy can not be avoided. Sooner or later it will inevitably darken your doorstep. A miasmic shadow that leaves no room unblemished or safe.

When that eventuality dares to step on our welcome mat, all we can truly do is brace ourselves before the coming onslaught. It’s a hard fact that no man or woman can hide from ill times. The best we can do is pray that our resolve is strong enough to withstand it.

And, if we’ve been kind and well with others, than with some luck, we’ve managed to cultivate a careful system of safety rails to support us.

A close circle of friends, neighbors and family members who will stand shoulder to shoulder with us and help us with the burden.

Or, in some case, a dog. A plucky companion that will not abandon us when the going gets tough. Go to the next page to see the dog who guards his passed out owner after a terrible accident.

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