Wiener Dog Fails To Win The Race. What He Did Instead Stole The Limelight!

This super fast Wiener dog is proof that you don’t have to be the winner of the race to steal the show. He had his own ideas about the event, rules or no rules!

In order to pump up the audience at a Triple-A baseball game, the League added a special Wienerschnitzel Dog Race in the beginning. Eight Dachshunds participated for a winning prize of $500.

When you hold a wiener dog race, nothing can go wrong, right? WRONG! With dogs, things can often go haywire quickly and in the most hysterical ways.

One of the dogs went bananas and thought the ballpark was a giant playground with lots of people and dogs he can play with. At least he got part of the game right – he sure is fast on his feet!

After the 10-second race, he just went to run on and on and on. He was so fast and unstoppable that even the players can’t catch him! Watch the hilarious video and how this dog “ran” the Wienerschnitzel challenge.

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