10 Super Foods Your Dog Should Be Eating Regularly

It’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes. You’ve probably tossed him more food than you’d care to admit whenever he begs from under the table for a taste of whatever meal you’ve prepared yourself.

Feeding your dog from the table is bad, mainly because of two reasons. First, It encourages them to beg; and secondly, a lot of human foods is actually bad for your dog.

But the good news is that there are healthy human foods that dogs can enjoy as well! You can add them to your dog’s diet or use them as treats!

While it is convenient to stick to kibbles, these superhuman foods can definitely give your dog a boost. However, it is important to always consult your vet before introducing new food to your dog’s diet.

Below are superhuman food that you can be dog food as well. You can add them to dog food for that extra boost!

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  1. Be careful though! My dog almost died when I added peas to her food. Turns out she is highly allergic to chicken, lamb, peas, and a number of grains.

    • Did you only feed your dog kibble or tin food? You need to get your dog used to REAL food slowly, like you would with a human baby. One type of food for two weeks, then add another, stick with that for two weeks, then add another and so on! Also feed ateaspoon of applecider, to strenghten his stomach acid!

    • The one with the allergies in an 18 yr old rescue that I’ve had for 15 years. She also has Cushings and 7 yrs ago I was told she would only live another 2-4 years. She didn’t agree. And I’ve worked hard to keep away things she can’t or won’t eat. (She hates carrots in any form but will eat an orange if peeled). I followed the advice , which was similar to the above and she almost died. Diets are not one size fits all.

  2. I have a 50 lb bassethound/american eskimo mix & a purebred 150 lb GSD. My vet was indifferent…it appeared she didn’t know enough to comment. Both dogs have dry itchy skin & are big time shedders. I give the little guy 1 tea of it per day. The big boy gets 1 table per day. I rub it on their paws, dry elbows, any place the have dry areas. Put just a little bit rubbed in your palms & rub it thru their fur. It has helped with the overall dryness, no problems with diarrhea & is a great anti-oxidant.

    • I have been adding Dinovite along with there fish oil. My little dog has great skin and beautiful coat. Before starting this 2 years ago she would go thru dry itches skin and loose her hair. It would get so bad and she would end up on prednisone and a antibiotic for 10 days. No vet visit for 1 1/2 years.

    • My dog had dry fur and shed a lot…I started adding ground flaxseed meal…about a Tablespoon and some canola oil into her grainfree kibble. Amazing results…2/3 less shedding a silky coat.

  3. I have a toy poodle i rub coconut oil into his hair once a week after her bath it keeps him looking beautiful i only buy a pure Oil I had a lot of trobble with many foods so i put him on Black hawk dog food dry dog bones for dogs that are for tummies that get upset with many over thee counter foods He is well now doing just greats Vet wanted me to buy his foods he had and i did he would not eat any off it and it made me feel sick just to see it i knew my dog would never eat that Black Hawk food looks good you can see lots of vegs inside was just a wastes of money what the Vet sold me i got my dog well with the help of Paws on the Coast Umina who i buy my dog Charlie food from my dog Charlie is happy well and having a good life swims with me I found a good food he would eat and was happy too my dog Charlie is a very happy loved little boy Woof Woof from him

    • WOW!! Nice punctuation here…. just feel free to ramble on Infinitum, why dontcha? I had to stop reading this the Coral Roberts post because I was running out of air.

  4. My dog Charlie i rub coconut into his coat after a bath he was a sick toy poddle and many foods upset his tummy Vet told me i should buy the food he sold said it would be the best for him and his tummy so did it was a waste of money It looked so sloppy made me sick to even put it on his plate i knew no way he eat that ever Charlie did not and i knew he was hungry So I did some homework and found with the help of Paws on the Coast i brought Black Hawk wet food and dry dog biskets from them my dog Charlie has never looked back and i like to share this with other dog owners who may have a dog like mine Charlie is happy well and loves swimming with me Vets push to much the other food they will not eat Black Hawk looks good no sick smell Vets need to to sell this food as it is great dogs love to eat it i wanted to share this with others that have a pet like my Charlie they make a cat food too

  5. I have 5 little fur babies. Their treats are cut up baby carrots or string beans. The beans are less fating but I dont feed them that many to make a difference.

  6. I cook my dogs food in a crock pot every 2 weeks, a meat 3 veggies brown rice, plus carrots, tumeric, dry mustard, salt, calcium citrate and I give her a multivitamin a day.. Winnie is a rescue dog and lived in a cage all her life as a breeding dog. She’s lost most of her teeth due to poor nutrition. Now she eats rocolli, cauliflower, cartots, tomatoes. She’s quite happy now and runs and jumps like a young healthy dog would.

    • Was just going through this article and found your comment. My rescue just lost all her teeth due to same conditions she is 12 so I started cooking for her but your recipe is so helpful to me. I was just using chicken peas and carrots. Now she can have better taste too. Thank you for sharing!

    • I’d love to get your recipe. My dogs have been sick and I have started feeding them food that I cook. That way I know what’s in it and yours looked great. Thank you.

  7. I have two Bichons. I make their food most of the time. It is basically a chicken stew. It consist of baked chicken, peas and carrots, and rice. I’ll add broccoli,sweet potatoes, and occasionally I’ll put in green beans and cauliflower. My former vet was very impressed with it. (I say former because we moved). They are 13 and 12 now and have never had problems with digestion or weight problems.

    • I do similar but when I do give him a little dry he loves Gerber baby packets the ” Squash, sweet potatoes & pumpkin” . He loves & 1 i
      Packet is 2 servings to use within 24 hours. Has no preservatives & I add some chicken

    • How much do you feed them per lb? She has Addison’s disease. Although she is at a good weight the prednisone she takes makes her very hungry.

  8. You can kill a dog feeding them raw salmon. Look up salmon poisoning in dogs on Wikipedia. I live in the PNW and dogs who get into the raw salmon or come into contact with salmon blood can die! Be careful what you recommend!

    • just heard that raw salmon should not be used for sushi because it contains parasites! cooked or frozen raw salmon ok- b/c freezing or cooking salmon kills the parasites YIKES! I DON’Teat salmon or sushi though

  9. Just have to ask. Is all of this stuff suppose to be raw? I have a problem with serving raw fish to my pets. Also, is the liver beef, pork, calf or chicken. I enjoy these articles, but the info is lacking a lot. How about the peas. Are they canned, frozen or fresh?

    • You are supposed to cook all the meats. Never feed your dog raw Salmon, it can kill them. Most people who make their pets home cooked food, do in fact cook the meat. You can make a cooked stew of any type meat you want (like “baked” chicken or fish), plus add some water, carrots, peas, green beans, and whole grain brown rice, and season it with a little tumeric, dry mustard, salt, calcium citrate. This is a type of recipe that even you can eat. …. As for the veggies, it’s best to use fresh if you can, or frozen. Canned veggies aren’t so good since the manufacturers add a huge amount of salt to them. That is way to much salt for pets. Hope this helps.

    • My dogs love the peas right off the vine. Whenever I’m out to pick peas, I end up with an audience just waiting for their treats. So I guess I’m saying raw peas is fine. And depending on the vet as far as raw meats/fish vs cooked meats/fish. I go with cooked.

  10. I’m not reading through page after page but I noticed a picture of peas. My dogs will eat around all the peas. Without reading the article, I can say what I give my dogs, and they love. I give them green beans that are cooked to crisp-tender and sweet potatoes. Be care about the sweet potatoes because otherwise the dog(s) will be spending the day outside!

  11. We always cook extra vegetables, carrots, sprouts green beans, cabbage, broccoli, peas etc for our dog she has a little bit added to each evening meal, she poos a lot, but unless anyone tells me otherwise, we think this is good for her, she appears to be very fit!

    • Baby carrots are whole carrots that are shaved in to the small shape. The worst thing is that many baby carrots are rinsed in chlorine. I choose not to ingest chlorine, nor would I want my dog to ingest it.

  12. Add finely chopped Greens: lettuce, dandelion greens, parsley, cilantro, beet tops, carrot tops, kale, sprouted seeds. Add sweet, lightly cooked Veggies: zucchini, celery, green beans, red beets, yams, peas. Give some Treats: banana, seeded/cored apples, watermelon without seeds or rind. Also great: strawberries, seeded/peeled orange slices; blueberries, carrots, pineapple, broccoli, cucumber, celery, pears, raspberries, mango, cooked sweet potato.

    • No avacado either, as avacado is highly toxic to dogs. Same with macadamia nuts. Avoid greasy fried foods at all cost also. Dogs livers cannot process grease like ours can. All of these will cause renal failure




  14. Our Dobermann could spit out even a bit of pea if he could taste it. The tinyist bit would be spat out from a large mouthful of mixed food.. And as only that same amount gives me severe hay fever, I guess he knows what he should have.
    Also, the green plant being offered I read just recently. Humans and animals – unless you have 3 or 4 stomachs to digest grass – should not be eating it. We cant digest it. If you see cats and dogs eating grass as they do – it is to make them be sick or clear out any blockage they feel. They dont have the stomach to digest grass. This also means the “Chlorophyll” green drinks are not good or meant for us to eat either. Many foods we eat is not suitable for animals. Ask – would they have eaten this in the wild? Same for us – foods that could be hunted and gathered is what suits our gut/body too. Particularly dark berries and fruit of every sort.

  15. My dogs all love broccoli, carrots, zucchini, and green beans😊 They get a big tbsp of pumpkin at every meal, as well as a bigctblsp of cottage cheese. Both of these good for the gut. They get a good grain free kibble mixed with pre made raw food😊 I know a lot say not to min kibble with raw, but mine do great with it.
    I also use organic coconut oil a couple of times a week and a good probiotic each morn.
    Nothing they sell at Wal Mart or the grocery store is good for your dog unless it comes out of the meat or produce dept😊
    Veterinarians spend VERY LITTLE time on nutrition in vet school.
    Hills, which makes Science Diet funds most of the vet colleges/hence the reason the vets feel obligated to push their crappy prescription food!!! I would NEVER use any of that science diet, Royal Canin or the other one made by purina they sell😝

  16. My yorkie smells, it’s not his ears. I’ve taken him to different vets & tried no grain food & treats I’m told he has allergies. I’ve tried prescription shampoo & many other kinds for allergies $ skin disorders. I bathe him weekly due to the smell. He is professionally groomed every 6 weeks. HELP ANY SUGGESTIONS. Thanks

  17. I was adding broccoli, peas, yams, squash, beets, green beans to my dogs food. Just recently read broccoli should only be given in moderation. Anyone know why?

  18. I give my two steamed fish or chicken, lentils, barley, sweet potato and peas or a little broccoli. My one is highly allergic and was really sick when eating royal canin and Hills science diet – both the hyper allergenic varieties. I also give them a little Protexin with their evening meal.

  19. I poach chicken for my malti/poo and shred it or dice it adding that with her kibbles. Sometimes she will get cooked veggies with it also or I will add chicken broth to her meal. Very happy and content dog at 8 years old. Of course she gets a good walk every day also.

  20. A fresh egg mixed in with their dog food always put a shine on our dogs coats. My dad did that for years and my Pit loves it. Not a everyday thing but, when you see them looking dull you will know when they need it.

  21. I would recommend the rubbing the oil on them. I make my own food. Cook chicken, rice, carrotts, pumkin or sweat potatoes. Peas (squarsh up) none sweeted baby apple sauce.

  22. It didn’tmention giving dogs meat like chicken and beef. My dogs love meat. I think table scraps are ok as long as they’re heathy ones. Also I give my olderdog a omega 3 capsule about once a week. Keeps er coat shiny and helps with joints

  23. not one would say/ tell how much of this and how much of that,just i give them this or that ?? like the chicken stew ,how about saying or giving receipes it would help,I’d like to make some for my fur babys so give out some receipes pls and measurements.

  24. We have a Jack soon to be age 18, slowing down now, has cataracts but will go to where I sit and will stare up at the area where he thinks I am. Still goes to front of the treats on counter top. Exits pet door and walks down his ramp bc he has arthritis. We have a 15 yr old and a 10 yr old Jack. They have always had a diet of fresh meat, brown rice, large bag of frozen veggies with either apple sauce or pumpkin added when cooled. They are healthy as can be. There’s dry food always plus 3 bowls of fresh water. We cook about every 4 to 5 days.

  25. think you better read Give your Dog a Bone,in that theysay raw vegs,fruit put on food processor, raw mince ,beef,pork.lamb tinned sardines also some oil also cooked rice or pasta.

  26. Can anyone tell me how much protein a dog should get in their daily diet? I have a 30 lb. Cockapoo with cushings and we have changed her diet of just canned food to include veggies and brown rice. This seems to be working better for her weight and she’s getting more food but I’m concerned with how much protein she needs. She gets only 8 ozs. of limited ingredient salmon dog food per day now as we’ve added the veggies and rice. Our vet doesn’t seem to know.

  27. I’ve had more than one veterinarian tell me to stop with the coconut oil. They’ve had patients that started having thyroid issues after having it added to their diets.

  28. My poodle is fifteen years old, she tears around and chases her tail like a puppy she is always happy! We make all her food from scratch & Into each batch we put wholemeal flour, oats, brown rice, extra virgin olive oil, tuna or salmon, turkey mince, mixed veg mashed and low fat cheese. Baked in oven as a hard biscuit (better for her oral health).

    We use dogs probiotics (Paws), we used to use a lot of yogurt but understand that dogs gut flora is not the same as humans and now she has dogs probiotics she is even nicer to be with!

  29. My dog must have an iron stomach. He has never had an issue with anything. I use a very high quality kibble, but add a bit of canned chicken or turkey. Also sweet potatoes, pumpkin, green beans, a small amount of carrots and apple (without seeds). He doesn’t really care for bananas. I do measure what he eats, and vary the veggies. Never give any table food. He seems to be thriving.

  30. Holly smokes… I asked my poodle about all this and she said, “Chill mom… I’ll tell you what I like but the kibble is cool for now. How about some champagne tho… after all, I am French!


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