10 Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors


Dogs need their daily exercise as much as humans do. Just because the weather is too hot or cold doesn’t mean your dog should just lay in the couch and hibernate until the next season. Without exercise, a dog will develop a host physical and psychological problems.

The most common physical problem among dogs without exercise is obesity, and it’s important to take note that some dogs such as Beagle, Bulldog and Boxer are more prone to it than others. The dog may also become depressed and/or destructive if he doesn’t get his much needed exercise. Being outside stimulates the dog’s senses which keeps him calm and collected when he’s back at home.

To keep your dog happy and active even when the weather is getting in your way, we rounded up a list of top 10 exercises that your dog can do in the comforts of your own home… or someone else’s.

1. Fetch

Most dogs love the classic game of fetch. Keep distance and throw a ball or rubber toy for him to to catch, find and retrieve. This will keep him super entertained while you sit back, relax and enjoy watching your dog still having a great time indoors.


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