11 Best ”Lawyer Dog” Memes That Made The Internet Laugh


Lawyer dog memes have been making rounds on the internet in recent years. They feature the same adorable corgi in a suit, as if he’s on his way to court to defend a case.

The Stenographer’s digits clacked on the keyboard making a thunderous symphony. He licked his chops, the whole place smelled of wet vermin.

“We love you,” said an Australian Swamp Rat. “Give em’ hell!” said another. Easier said than done.

The jury was a twelve-cat selection that scream partisan alliance. His whole case was built on sympathy and already he was getting the feline stink eye.

Unlike his colleagues, he saw himself as an esquire, not an ambulance chaser.

“Call your first witness to the stand,” the circus had begun. “Or would you like to refresh yourself? Maybe dunk your head in the lavatory?”

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