11 Dogs Who Are Probably Confused About What They Are Wearing

As dog owners, one of our guilty pleasures is to dress up our beloved pet dogs in costumes even though 90 percent of them don’t really dig such past time. For us humans, playing dress up with dogs is not only fun but it’s also a total eye candy since dogs look absolutely cute in them–or at least that’s the case most of the time.

While I am not one for dressing up dogs on a daily basis, giving them a bad ass get up on occasions that call for it– such as Halloween, weddings and in the string of similar parties–is definitely fine with me. It’s fun to go to a party wearing a matching or synergistic outfit with your dog.

As we bring to life the fruits of our creativity, it is inevitable that a dog costumewe make goes from cute to just downright weird. To prove that, we took the liberty to round up a list of 11 dogs whose owner’s creativity may have went a little overboard. There’s a fine line that divide genius and crazy, and depending on who is looking, these costumes could easily go either way.  Some people could find these the most adorable costumes in the world while other could find it too weird for their taste.

Here’s our pick of top 11 weirdest outfits that owners put on their dogs:

11. These fast food dogs are more like cute than weird to me! If any of these fast food chains has a dog for a mascot, I may start eating crap more often than usual. So what do you think of the creative costume they are donning?

costume 8

10. Here’s Heineken’s response to Budweiser’s adorable Labrador puppy advertisements! So Heineken, is this official? Are you guys really going for a Pug in a Heineken beer case costume?

costume 9

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