Cross-Eyed Dog Had Trouble Getting Adopted, Till Someone Fell In Love

Strabismus is a genetic disorder that affects all mammals. It’s basically an abnormality that is manifested in the individual as cross-eye. It affects very little of the orbital receptors… In other words, it does not impact on your vision.

Dennis, the Collie, suffers from this ailment. He’s a lovable pooch with a goofy looking face; mopped down ears and the sort of visage you can’t help but grin at.

Unfortunately for Dennis, his former owners could no longer care for him. The wacky pooch ended in the caring hands of The Dogs Trust in Kenilworth, UK.

For the first few weeks, his odd looks caused a ripple effect in the shelter. “He was a real character,” one of the workers said. “Funny and strange, still despite his affable demeanor, he was constantly being overlooked.”

Go to the next page to see Dennis’ happy ending. I don’t get why he initially had trouble getting adopted. He’s a cutie and his eyes give him character.



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