Poor Pit Bull Puppy Was Weak And Balding, But Rescue Refused To Give Up On Her

This was Hippo at only 12 weeks old. It’s really heartbreaking to see how some people can be so cruel and leave a canine at such young age to fend for himself while suffering a variety of disease.

Whether Hippo was thrown out because she was too sick or that she got too sick because she was left at a young age — I guess we will never find out. But the fact remains that no dog deserves to be subjected to such deplorable conditions as Hippo was.

Hippo was first rescued by an open door shelter before she was eventually found by Trio Animal Foundation and was taken under the organization’s wing. Balding and weak, it was with TAF that there were real steps taken to help the poor canine who was obviously suffering from a myriad of diseases.

First off she had a serious case of demodectic mange and a secondary skin infection, causing her fur to fall out and putting her on the brink of baldness.

Atop her obvious skin problems, she also has a serious case of upper respiratory infection, as well as a fungal infection that’s causing more problems with her head, ears and paws.
Trio Animal Foundation President Sue Naiden described Hippo as ‘’absolutely miserable.’’

But the kind and compassion people at TAF are determined to help the disease-ridden dog and cure her afflictions one by one. For months, they painstakingly helped the dog recover through medicated dips, antibiotics, and fungal and pain medication.

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