Poor Pit Bull Puppy Was Weak And Balding, But Rescue Refused To Give Up On Her

It was all worth it since Hippo made a full recovery and is happier than ever. At the time, she was about to begin the rest of her life and was ready for a new family and a forever home.

This dog has been through so much and she deserves her happy ending. According to Hippo’s foster mom, she’s unlike any other dogs she encountered before.

Hippo was a sprightly little girl who didn’t let her illnesses get in her way. She would run across the hallway and all over the house, knocking things along the way. She really lives up to her name and more.

Most of the animals that end up in tough has had a rough start in life.



Go to the next page to see how the rest of Hippo’s journey from sick and alone to happy and healthy. I am so happy for him!

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