17 Dogs Who Snooze In Awkward Places and Positions!

Dogs are loyal, patient, loving and smart. However, they are very silly too like 90 percent of the time! I am not sure is it with dogs and wanting to sleep in what looks like super uncomfortable positions. Do they feel something that we don’t? Like seriously, why would anyone want to bury their face in the couch when they sleep? By bury, I mean shoving your head in the cracks of the couch!

Does your dog love to sleep in an odd position too? Does he love sleeping in a weird angle or in a weird spot? Check them out in the next page

There are very few things in the world that’s cuter than a wrinkly Bulldog. Like seriously, look at him. He is 100% percent adorable. He’s sleeping on his back, belly up, tongue out and those wrinkles are undeniably sexy! And did you notice that his eyes aren’t actually closed? LOL!

Check out these 17 dogs who are rather comfortable sleeping with their bodies oddly positioned or contorted in weird angles. Some of them are also snoozing in places that they shouldn’t be sleeping on in the first place.



Continue on the next pages to see some of the funniest dog photos we have seen! They will give you a good laugh today!


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