Watch Out! 3 Tragedies That Dogs Can See Coming.

Dogs are blessed with very keen senses–so keen that they are ten fold more effective than that of a regular human. Let’s face it, dogs do not have human intelligence so what they don’t have in brains, they make up in senses.

Not only are they good at tracking things and people through their impeccable sense of smell, they can also feel the onset of certain misfortunes.

While the way they track these tragedies is still a mystery to dog experts and researchers, there have been many accounts in history that prove dogs’ ability to see the onset of an impending doom and as a result, they either painstakingly warn people about it or run away to save their lives.

Thanks to their senses, dogs are credited for saving countless of lives and property throughout history. Whether it’s finding people lost in the woods and mountains, or busting drugs, bombs and weaponry–dogs sure have done more than enough to earn the title of man’s best friend.

Sometimes, they do not merely put their life on the line, they also sacrifice they life so they can save their human companion in the name of friendship. Such love and loyalty we cannot find from any other source.

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