5 Dog Breeds With No Hair


Not all dogs are adorable fur balls and that’s not because some dogs are not cute (I believe they all are, one way or another) but because not all dogs have fur. In this article, we rounded up a list of dog breeds that are not blessed with hair unlike many others of their kind.

If you know for a fact that you’re lazy and you want a dog that needs little grooming, these dogs are for you. If you’re an allergy sufferer and you want a dog that won’t make you sneeze all day long, these dogs for you. If you have a taste for peculiar breeds, these dogs are for you.

People will have mixed feelings about these dog breeds but remember, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


Also goes by the name Xolo (show-low) or Mexican Hairless if you find show-low-its-queen-tli difficult to pronounce. Xolos are native of, well, Mexico. They come in black, bronze, brindle, gray, slate, red, fawn; solid or spotted.

They have large upright ears that makes them look like a bat but don’t be fooled by their appearance because this breed makes great guard dogs, thanks to their wariness of strangers. Xolos will alert you when they feel danger.

Xolos have the tendency to change skin color as they mature.


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