5 Dogs Who Travel Like A Boss. This One Is Even A Million Miler On Delta Airlines!


Buses, trains, airplanes and public transport in general aren’t just for humans anymore. Dogs are so integrated into our society that they have figured out how to get from point A to point B not by using their four legs but by commuting. Sometimes, they do so without the help of humans.

People have mixed feelings about commuting dogs. Sometimes, they are a delightful presence to be around but in cities like Moscow, their stays are too smart as you are about to find out below.

Anyway, here’s a list of dogs who figured out how to commute like no one’s business!

This adorable white Lab was a guide dog for the blind. His owner George Kersher was Secretary General of DAISY Consortium so he traveled with him all over the world. In the late 90s, Nesbit became the first dog to become a Million Miler under Delta Airlines. He was loyal to George but he loved George’s wife Gail more! She was “the sunshine of his life.”

George said, “Nesbit’s job was to guide me and keep both of us safe, and he was brilliant at his job. I recall Nesbit guiding me through the streets of Rome. Cars were moving very fast and furiously whizzing past in a chaotic sea of movement. Nesbit was rock solid and steady. He never faltered in the chaos of Rome or any other congested city.”


Source: Daisy

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