5 Things You Do That May Be Annoying Your Dog


A dog’s love is kind, unwavering, unconditional –bottomless, if you may! He looks past your appearance, the size of your bank account, your disabilities and all sorts of factors that people will judge you for. However, there’s another side to our dogs too, one that involves long glances, rolling eyes, blank stares and walking off. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, your dog thinks you’re annoying as hell.


If you happen to see these reactions, ponder long and hard if you’ve done any of the following:

1. Make him wear clothing.

You may find costumes cute and hilarious but dogs aren’t designed for clothing. If you’re going to put one on him, make sure to do it slowly with lots of praises and treats.

2. Force him to interact with dogs and people he doesn’t like.

Like humans, dogs also have that one person or pooch that they don’t to want be chummy with. There’s a probably a reason behind it; maybe he’s uncomfortable, maybe he’s scared. Whatever the reason may be, make sure he interacts with them at his own time. Don’t force him or he will only grow warier of social interactions.

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