Get Your Sanity Back: 6 Tricks To Stop Your Dog From Excessive Barking!

Here are hacks to get back a sense of sanity into your life and a good night’s rest by preventing your dog from excessive barking.

  1. Ignore: there’s a good chance that your dog is simply an attention freak, a big diva.

2. Give him a treat: when he calms down and clamps his trap, give him a treat and mark the silence as a good behavior.

3. Give him something to do: maybe he’s just bored out of his mind, so, stockpile your house with chew toys and bones.

My Name Is Gigi
My Name Is Gigi

Go to the next page to see more tips on how to keep your dog from excessive barking. If your dog’s not bored or a diva, then the first three solutions won’t work!

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